Mazda 3 Courtesy car for Victoria Park Mazda Cardiff

As our units are just off Hadfield road (near the Cardiff City Stadium and Costco), we are lucky to be in a very convenient location with lots of businesses near by.

We’re a friendly bunch and like to maintain a close relationship with all of our neighbours, even if we don’t do any business with them, but it’s always nice to promote any work that we do carry out.

Victoria Park Mazda, Cardiff are always dropping courtesy cars off to us to have their logo and text fitted and here’s an example of one we completed earlier. Livery included vinyl cut lettering and their company logo in digital print along with the website on the read of the vehicle.

If you’re in the area then why not go and visit them for the latest offers on a brand new Mazda, and next time you see one of their courtesy cars think of us!

For more work we have completed for Mazda please click here.

Instagram filter used: Clarendon

Photo taken at: Sign Services Wales Ltd

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