External, Illuminated Sign With Fret Cut Lettering

We take a lot pride our work. Every job is given the same amount of attention to detail, and the results show in the final product. This external sign is no exception.

Our client has recently acquired a rival energy and services company for an estimated £330 million, and we have been selected as a major partner involved in replacing old signage and graphics. This includes design and production of internal and external signage, wall coverings and other physically produced graphics in various locations across the UK.

As with many of our larger corporate clients we are very carful not to disclose too much information, but fortunately this production can be shared so we can show you, an existing or potential future client, what we achieved.

This external sign was manufactured to replace an existing sign that featured the acquired companies logo. It features individually fret cut letters protruding from the white aluminium tray.


We wanted the sign to really stand out, so to allow the illumination to glow through the acrylic letters have been faced with blue Metamark vinyl with a 2mm outside contour.

At the time of writing this the other 6 signs for this location are still in the middle of being produced, but keep your eyes peeled for an update when the job is completed and the sign has been installed (by ourselves) as this is going to look amazing when lit!

Do you have corporate banding that needs updating? Get in touch with us and we will be glad to help you through the entire process starting with a free consultation and survey through to design, manufacture and install.

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