New Premium Digital Print Website Launched!

We are please to announce that we have recently launched a new website – Feature Moments!

Feature Moments specialises in large format prints for the home or office. When we say large format, we mean really large format!


Our ‘block art’ feature wall pieces are for those with the most lavish taste and extravagant space to fill. The sheer size makes it a challenge to produce but the detail put into them is certain to stun guests and become the talking point for all visitors to your home or office.


These stunning prints are made to order using the customers own artwork and are printed in ultra high quality onto a roll of premium transparent self adhesive vinyl. The roll is cut by machine to whatever size option the customer selected to buy.


These sheets are then fitted to the rear of a single high gloss laser cut clear acrylic panel (some items are so large that they must be fitted to 4 or more individual panels), with appropriate spacing to create the unique ‘block’ effect. Each sheet is backed with solid white vinyl to make the artwork stand out.


Each presentation piece is put together by hand with utmost care in our dust-free workshop to ensure the highest quality finish and comes supplied with chrome stand off locators for an even further premium finish. The end result is a huge, stunning print that will glisten behind a glass-like finish and stun on-lookers.

Visit the new website to find out more!