Mazda Cardiff Courtesy Car Liveries

We work with a lot of local garages that use us for their vehicle liveries. Some are body workshops where we have to replicate an existing design on a van that had been damaged and repaired. This can be challenging as we can rarely get hold of high resolution artwork so can involve a lot of design work.

We also deal with several sales garages that want to use their vehicles as a way to promote their latest offers locally while their cars are being driven about. This week we had another three cars in from Victoria Park Mazda. We’ve done a lot of these cars now so were able to turn all three around in the same day!

See what offers Victoria Park Mazda currently have available on their website here.

Do you use courtesy cars at your business? Or do you offer your staff a work vehicle (van or car)? Get in touch with us and we will help your business gain extra exposure through vehicle advertising.

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Photo taken at: Victoria Park Mazda

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