Bubble Free Finish With Dry Vinyl Installation

Every industry must have a standard civilian passer-by go-to joke. We’ve heard the joke a million times – for us it’s ‘there’s a bubble in it mate – lol!’. Maybe only funny the first 100 times, but we still laugh every time anyway.

The fact is, the simplest way to install vinyl without leaving any bubbles is to use soapy water. For any jobs that require a dry application there’s another more innovative solution. We use material known as ‘Air Release’ or ‘Air Escape’ vinyl. Most vinyl brands use the same technology, each with their own name for it.

These vinyl’s feature tiny channels in the adhesive which can be seen in the macro image above, yet are barely visible to the eye, which give an exit route for any trapped air allowing it to be expelled with a squeegee. These can be found on both solid colour vinyl’s and digitally printed vinyl, so whatever graphics you need us to help you with you can be confident we will leave you with a perfect bubble free finish every time.

And I’ll let you in on another little secret. Often times we dry install non-air escape vinyl without the aid of water, but you still wont find any bubbles in our work – we’re that good.

Pictured: Metamark MetaScape adhesive system

Photo taken by: Sign Services Wales Ltd

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